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Reading and Signing:

Dallas, Texas

February 4, 2012

The Philosophical Society of Texas
Adolphus Hotel

1321 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75202

Dallas, Texas

September 29, 2011
Free with reception at 6:30PM

Southern Methodist University
DeGolyer Library

6425 Boaz Ln.
Dallas, TX 75205

Fort Worth, Texas

September 30, 2011

TCU Bookstore
2950 West Berry St.
Fort Worth, TX 76109

Houston, Texas

October 11, 2011

Brazos Bookstore
2421 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005

San Antonio, Texas

October 12, 2011

The Twig Book Shop
200 E. Grayson Street, Ste. 124
San Antonio, TX 78215



May 10, 2012

Pennsylvania School Librarians Association just named Steplings to the Top 40 list of novels for school libraries. Their reviewer Jill Toye notes that “Readers will fall in love with the characters and this book deserves wide readership.”

Jan 11, 2012

It features as its main character, Jason Sanborn, who finds himself lost after dropping out of high school two months shy of graduation. Read more >

Jan 4, 2012

Smith will be appearing at the annual meeting of The Philosophical Society of Texas in Dallas on Saturday, Feb. 4, at 3 p.m. at the Adolphus Hotel. He will be on a panel about writing in Texas, and his contribution is titled “Texas is the place but not the purpose.” He will also be signing copies of Steplings and Purple Hearts following the panel discussion.

Nov 20, 2011

Smith's comments about young adult books and Steplings made it into Campbell
Geeslin’s column “Along Pubisher’s Row” in the new issue of the Guild’s magazine and website. " Read more >

Sept 29, 2011

Friends, family, ex-students and colleagues of C.W. Smith packed into the Degolyer Library's Stanley Marcus Reading Room Thursday night for the launch of his latest novel "Steplings." Read more >

Sept 30, 2011

The TCU Bookstore hosted the author's signing of his new book, Steplings. View photographs of the event below.

September 12, 2011

Russell Martin, director of SMU’s DeGolyer Library has published Smith’s speech upon accepting the Lon Tinkle Award for “sustained excellence in a career” from the Texas Institute of Letters. Smith’s speech focused on his meeting Tinkle. The publication, part of the DeGolyer Library’s “Keepsake” series, has a foreword by Martin and Marshall Terry about Tinkle and Smith.

September 12, 2011

C.W. Smith will be among the writers featured at this year’s Texas Book Festival on Oct. 22-23. He will appear on a panel with Sarah Bird, Jane Isay, and Mary Helen Specht talking about adolescence in novels. He will be available at the Festival’s “signing tent” to inscribe his new novel, Steplings, and he will also be available at the Texas A & M consortium’s booth for signings.

June 2011

C.W. Smith's new novel, Steplings, comes out in September 2011. Watch the book trailer.


May 2, 2011

Later today I'll step into a classroom and hold the last class of my decades-long teaching career in universities. I want to thank all my students for being there over the years. People keep asking me how I feel about retiring from teaching, and I keep sorting through my inward responses to the question. What stands out, at last, is this: that nobody ever had a better job. When you teach in a university setting, you're your own boss; when you're fortunate as I have been to teach only what students want to learn (an elective, in other words), you get to presume that the chairs are filled by people who are present voluntarily; when you teach reading and writing, you get to discuss important things with smart young people, regularly, day in day out, week in week out; you feel respected and appreciated; you have the parental pleasure of sending "children" out in the world to make their lives, and often they keep in contact so that you're left with a sense of great continuity as they grown and change. But the most important thing I feel is that when my students are in my class they're on their best behavior and they are as smart as they can be, and when I'm there I'm on my best behavior, too, and I'm never smarter than when we're all together talking about something that matters. So for decades, I've had the pleasure of regularly immersing myself in situations a half dozen times a week where I and the people I'm with are at our very best. The result is that I feel that I've spent my life doing something honorable, something that has elevated me and those with me, something that has enriched us both. What better way could you spend your adulthood?

April 30, 2011

C.W. Smith, novelist and creative writing professor at Southern Methodist University, was named winner of the Lon Tinkle Award for "sustained excellence in a literary career" from the Texas Institute of Letters. Read C.W.'s acceptance speech for the award.

April 30, 2011

The Texas Institute of Letter hosted their annual awards night at the Radisson Hotel in Dallas. View photographs of the event below.

April 30, 2011

C.W. Smith names Lisa Taylor from Taylor Made Press his new publicist.

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